Project Objectives

ECTAP’s overall objective is to contribute to poverty reduction and economic growth in Tajikistan through the enhancement of Tajik agri-food value-chains, agro-food enterprises and the quality and marketing of Tajik agricultural products. Specific project goals include:

  • Improve Agricultural Extension Services to farmers in e.g. farm management, technical issues, innovation management, investments and cooperation along the value chain
  • Deliver target group oriented Machinery Services to small farmers to enable them to produce raw materials in adequate volume and quality on time.
  • Establish and improve the delivery of services provided by local consultancies to agribusinesses and processors on agricultural techniques as well as management and marketing skills
  • Support investments in agriculture and agro processing through an Investment Grant Scheme
  • Establish a certification system for selected agricultural products according to international standards (based on innovative public-private partnership models) and promote to farmers and processors
  • Improve the image of Tajik food products through adequate marketing and branding

Currently, ECTAP works in the following value chains: Fruits and Vegetable Production and Processing, Dairy Production, Forage / Food Production and Crop Preparation, Laboratory /Test Equipment, Honey Production and Animal Husbandry.