Investments in Agriculture and Agribusiness

      The project aims at further enhancing the development of agricultural value chains in such Tajik agrisectors as dairy, fruits and vegetables by means of facilitation of access to new agricultural equipment and technologies and the access to finance. Under ECTAP the EU provides a grant support for specified investments in targeted agriculture and agribusiness with the aim of enhancing the competitiveness of Tajik agricultural sectors (read more details under The Grant Facility [link would be needed]).

Potential borrowers can apply for ECTAP loan in the participating financial institution. The first partner under ECTAP is MDO “Arvand” (link to website required).

Eligible borrowers are:

     •         Farmers; 
     •         Private enterprises operating in the agriculture sector registered and operating in the Republic of Tajikistan; 
     •         Up to 49 employees; 
     •         Maximum annual turnover / balance sheet total up to EUR 10,000,000.

     •         Loan Purpose: purchase of new machinery and equipment, such as seeders, sprayers, tractors, soil preparation
               technology, planters, mowers, harvesters, storage/packaging and others, as approved under the ECTAP and
               defined in the list of eligible machinery and equipment (LEME).

               Each borrower must be financially viable, meet the Participating Financial Institution's usual credit criteria and
               be approved in accordance with the PFI's usual credit appraisal procedures.