Provision of Laboratory Equipment for Food Safety


One of the objectives of the ECTAP project is to set up a private public partnership system for quality control and certification of food products in line with international standards for foodstuffs. In this regard the European Union made available an additional EUR 600,000 to supply laboratory equipment to several laboratories of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Tajikistan and the Tajikstandard  Agency to assist in the analysis of antibiotics, pesticides, micro tocsin and heavy metals.

One of the beneficiaries – the Kurgan Teppa Veterinarian Diagnostic Centre – has been provided with equipment for chemical and toxin detection of food products and for preparation of the recommendation for the official control agencies on reduction of possible pollution of the food products with chemicals and toxins. The equipment will support local producers in obtaining certification of their export products in line with WTO, WHO and FAO food standards. At the same time the laboratory equipment will improve the safety of the food available in the domestic market and protect consumer health.

Since 2012 the Republic of Tajikistan has been a member of the World Trade Organization (WTO). By joining the WTO, Tajikistan took on a number of the mandatory commitments contained in the rules and standards of the WTO agreements. But Tajikistan is also given the opportunity to develop its foreign trade and to accelerate its further integration into the world economy.