Joint event with Ministry of Agriculture- Agriculture Production Development Seminar- Day of open house in B. Ghafurov


Alongside presentations of the academia and MoA on sector development ECTAP’s beef and dairy manual and Booklet on Modern orchard management was printed and distributed. Furthermore, representatives of Ministry of Agriculture, Tajik Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Tajik Agrarian University, agriculture  department of each district were invited to discuss with farmers their challenges and issues. 

The event hosted representatives of agricultural authorities and farmers as well as representatives of key buyers (Ecolog International), extension services and leading input suppliers already cooperating with ECTAP (Sarob Cooperative, Association of Seed Producers of Tajikistan, UchKhoz/producer of dwarfed samplings).   The event focused on enhancing the linkages/ matchmaking between the private companies and the farming communities. The agribusinesses pitched the services and support they are offering to potential partners from the farming communities and they also outlined their requirements on terms of quantity and quality of products. In total 104 people have attended the event. The overarching goal of linking farmers with suppliers, Agricultural Extension Services (AES) and potential buyers in particular in the light of the up-coming agricultural season was thus met successfully.

To continue work in line with the Agriculture Reform Programme of the Republic of Tajikistan, the Government of Tajikistan has identified five key priorities for the agricultural sector, contributing to effective, rational and sustainable use of natural resources:

-        Development of the private sector throughout the entire agricultural production cycle (input supply, certification, mechanization, storage, marketing)

-        Development of cooperatives (to ensure economies of scale, improved quality and volumes of primary produce)

-        Institutional reform of the Ministry of Agriculture (shift from obsolete command planning to regulator, quality assurer and policy making functions)

-        Diversification of the sector (not only in terms of crops, oriented at premium export markets by means of intensification and extensification of the production, but also diversification of markets)

-        Access to finance (facilitating access of value chain actors to various alternative funding mechanisms, such as Public Private Partnership (PPP), Islamic banking, investments, cooperative bank services, grant schemes etc).

In order to ensure the implementation of afore said priorities it is a prerequisite for projects including ECTAP to enhance the linkages among all actors of the value chain, including production related advisory services, financial tools and institutions, along with the consolidation of production patterns amongst farmers to make sure the primary production reaches the necessary volumes to ensure economy of scale.