Enhanced Competitiveness of Tajik Agribusiness Programme is organising open house in Sughd


Dushanbe, 27 August 2017

Following the success of the events in Tursunzoda, Gissar, Bokhtar and Shahrituz districts, the Enhanced Competitiveness of Tajik Agribusiness Programme (ECTAP) is organising three additional open house events together with the Government of Sughd, Tekhnikai Kishovarzi, Safo, Agrotechservice, Cooperative Sarob, Madadi Tursunzoda, Neksigol, Novselmash, Agralis, MDO Arvand and Bank Eskhata.

Through ECTAP eligible Tajik farmers and agribusinesses will be provided technical and financial assistance to develop their businesses via technical support and business management training as well as access to finance. Part of the Enhanced Competitiveness of Tajik Agribusiness Programme is an EBRD financing facility supported by the European Union (EU) aiming at boosting agribusinesses in such sectors as dairy, fruits and vegetables by investing in new agricultural equipment and technologies, thus contributing to the poverty reduction in the country.

These open house events will contribute to establish effective links between farmers, agribusinesses, local financial institutions and machinery service providers thus strengthening agricultural value chains.

Farmers will receive information on modern agricultural machinery available under the ECTAP approved ‘List of Eligible Machinery and Equipment’ (http://ectap.org/innovative-machinery-and-equipment-/list-of-eligible-machinery-and-equipment/) and test some of the machinery in the demonstration areas in Istaravshan, Bobojon Ghafurov and Konibodom districts. Furthermore, interested farmers can receive individual advice on how this machinery and equipment can contribute to income growth and how such equipment could be financed. Currently, farmers and agribusinesses can obtain funding through Bank Eskhata and MDO Arvand whereas another partner financial institution MDO IMON International will start offering financial services under ECTAP shortly. These financial institutions have received funding by the EBRD to on-lend to farmers and agribusinesses if they want to replace obsolete equipment or buy new machinery from the approved list. The EU made a grant contribution to support farmers and agribusinesses who plan to invest through ECTAP. The grant to approved eligible farmers or agribusinesses will cover 20% of the ECTAP loan and is subject to local tax requirements. The eligibility of a sub-borrower to receive such financial incentive will be subject to verification and certification (providing all criteria are met by a sub- borrower) by an independent verification consultant assigned by the EBRD.

The first event will take place on 29 August starting at 7.30 a.m. at the premises of Restaurant “Sitorai Sharq” in Istaravshan, Sughd. The second event will take place at the premises of dehkan farm Abdurahim Jumaev in Bobojon Gafurov district (30 August, 7.30 am) and the third one will take place at the premises of “Tojikand” Restaurant in Konibodom city, Lenina street (31August, 7.30 a.m.). The events will be opened by the representatives of Sughd region. The events are open to anyone.

Further details can be obtained from the organisers at the following address: Enhanced Competitiveness of Tajik Agribusiness Project (ECTAP), Istaravshan Street 19 - Apartment 2, 734003 Dushanbe, Tajikistan, tel. 93 575 90 16, E-mail: ectap@int.fs.de.