ECTAP initiative with Machinery suppliers


With initiative of ECAP in May, 2018 was drawn up Memorandum between Agrilis Tajikistan LLC and Kuhn Group Co. (France) for the supply of 2 harvesting combines Kuhn MC-90S Twin to Tajikistan.

In the beginning of August 2018, these harvesters were delivered to the storage of "Agrilis Tajikistan" LLC. One of them was purchased by Pokiza LLC and is now used in Yavan district of Khatlon region, the other one is used in Gissar region to provide mechanized corn harvesting services for silage.

Field demonstration of the silage corn harvester Kuhn MC-90S Twin in Yavan

2-row corn harvester Kuhn MC-90S Twin in the middle of August 2018 was used in the irrigated lands of Agrofirma Yavan LLC to harvest corn for silage on an area of 7 hectares.

The machine was attached with a wheeled tractor New Holland TDS-110 engine power 110 hp through the PTO shaft with a rotation speed of 540 rpm.

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Corn harvester mounted to tractor New Holland TDS-110

Field Day organized by Agralis Tajikistan LLC and ECTAP on silage corn harvester Kuhn MC-90S Twin in Gissar

On October 19, 2018 in Barakat village of the Gissar district held Field Day on Modern methods of harvesting corn for silage organized by Agralis Tajikistan LLC and ECTAP.

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Distribution materials of Field Day and registration of participants

The purpose of the field day was to:

- provide farmers with general information on the technology of cultivating corn for silage in the conditions of irrigated land in Central Tajikistan;

- to give a general description of the Kuhn MC-90S Twin - forage harvester for harvesting corn for silage, a practical demonstration of this machine on the field, an assessment of the effectiveness of this machine in front of existing analogues currently used in Tajikistan.

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Speech of Field Day participants

The word was presented to the representative of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Tajikistan. In his speech, he noted that there are currently more than 172 thousand farms in Tajikistan. Only in the first 9 months of 2018, 1,198 units of agricultural machinery were imported to Tajikistan, of which 470 tractors of various brands. The share of fodder harvesting machines is about 25% of the total amount of agricultural machinery. Today, Tajik farmers are in dire need of modern forage harvesting machines. Due to the fact that today the cost of fodder harvesting machines is very high, not all farmers can buy them for cash. Foreign investment projects such as ISAID, ECTAP, IFAD, OXFAM and others actively assists farmers in this direction. The Ministry of Agriculture supports the implementation of such programs to improve the material and technical base of farms and is ready to provide comprehensive support to achieve the goals.

Then the word was submitted to Iskandar Muzaffarzoda - the head of Agralis Tajikistan LLC. He said that Agralis Tajikistan as an independent supplier of agricultural equipment is the official dealer of the German company CLAAS in Tajikistan. Agralis Tajikistan also supplies machinery from LEMKEN, Sttautmann, Farwick, etc.

Agralis Tajikistan actively cooperates with the ECTAP in providing farmers with modern tractors, combine-harvesters and other types of agricultural machinery; the provision of services and mechanized agricultural services.

From the ECTAP side, Usmonkul Boturov noted the close cooperation between ECTAP and Agralis Tajikistan since the start of the project in Tajikistan. In December 2017, as a result of the 4-th Agribusiness Investment Forum in Tajikistan, representatives of Kuhn Group Co. were invited. ECTAP organized a link between Kuhn Group Co. and local suppliers, including with Agralis Tajikistan. As a result of this cooperation, 2 units of the Kuhn MC-90S Twin forage harvester were imported to Tajikistan and now actively provide mechanized services in the Yavan and Gissar districts. Also this machine is included in the LEME of ECTAP, those who wish to purchase this machine will be able to contact local banks Bank Eskhata  and Imon International and receive grant support from the European Union.

Then, on the field, the work of the Kuhn MC-90S Twin combine was shown on an area of 3 hectares.

At the end of the field day, an interesting discussion was held between the participants of the event about the efficiency of this machine.

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ECTAP experts giving information about value-chain in agriculture and cooperation of ECTAP with Agralis Tajikistan